CommercialAugust 2, 2018

Escape Room Insurance FAQ

Run an independent Escape Room?

The Insurance Centre answers some of your most frequently asked questions…

Insurers don’t seem to understand Escape Rooms, how do I make sure mine is correctly covered?

  • Escape Rooms have boomed in popularity over the last few years. While live entertainment experiences are slowly becoming better understood, it can be hard to find dedicated business policies. Some insurers may misunderstand the risks involved or worry that Escape Rooms pose a genuine threat to customers. The Insurance Centre’s expert brokers have an in-depth understanding of your work, so can select only the most relevant, accurate business policies from a range of leading insurers to create a tailored package for you.

What are the main risks my business may be exposed to?

  • Any business which is open to members of the public risks the possibility of a customer hurting themselves, or making another claim such as property damage. Even if your Escape Room complies fully with Health and Safety regulations, it is worth preparing for accidents as well as unforeseen circumstances which could stop you from operating. Depending on the exact specifications of your business, you may benefit from some other covers too.

What are the must-haves for an Escape Room?

  • Employer’s Liability insurance is a legal requirement if you employ any staff members, reimbursing legal costs and compensation if an employee makes a claim against the business. Public Liability is also recommended and may be required by local authorities, protecting against all manner of injury and property damage claims arising from your business operations. Business Interruption insurance could protect your livelihood if your Escape Room has to close temporarily, for example, if it flooded. These covers and more can be included in a bespoke package.

Can I protect the building my Escape Room is in?

  • To create interesting, authentic and sometimes downright scary environments, Exit Games are often located in character buildings and historic properties. Commercial Buildings Insurance can be arranged for specialist niche locations as well as retail spaces and warehouses.

I’ve invested in props, sets and trade equipment, as well as the building of rooms. Can all of this be insured?

  • Absolutely. Props, sets, trade equipment together with the room itself play a key role in enhancing your escape room. As such they often represent a significant investment on your part. When playing the game, there is a chance of customers getting over-enthused and breaking things. Asset Protection can insure all of your contents as well as any improvements you’ve made as a tenant against theft, fire, accidental damage and more.

Can computer equipment be covered in the same package? 

  • Dedicated cover for computers, tech and electronic equipment can easily be included in your Contents insurance. We also offer Cyber Risks cover, designed to protect against the threat of hacking and online security threats – this is particularly recommended if your business takes bookings or payments online.

I run a mobile business which can be hired out for events. Will I need extra cover?

  • If your business is transportable, you may well require Commercial Motor policies such as insurance for your van or vehicles. You may also require different liability cover to accommodate the risks of a pop-up business. These policies can be arranged for you by The Insurance Centre.

My Escape Game permits large groups, is this a problem?

  • Not at all. One of our experienced advisers will talk through all the key points of your business such as size, assets and risks, to determine exactly what level of protection you’ll need.


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